We're Adding Pillows from Røros February 02 2017

Over the years we have offered pillows as an adjunct to our beautiful lines of blankets. But now, and over the next few weeks we will be bringing you new items from the great designers at Røros Tweed. We love them and we think you will too! The additions are: the Agnes, Asmund and Berg pillows so far, have a look and let us know what you think.

New Arrivals In Time For Fall! September 01 2015

We are happy to announce that Røros Tweed's new Naturpledd line of blankets have arrived and are ready for sale. Visit the Naturpledd page on Lufina Wovens' site and see them all. 

The four designs are unique as they are reversible with pattern colors that are opposite to that on the other side. When draped to allow the viewing of both side at once, these blankets are true attention getter. The designs are inspired by everyday yarn states that we all know. Again, as natural as watching a weave being done or a ball of yarn being constructed from loose material to that being readied for the loom.

Check these out and know that you are doing your part, along with Røros Tweed in protecting the environment for the sheep that produce this beautiful wool to the future generations that will follow. And, you'll also know that, no matter what, you will be warm this winter.

New Blankets Arriving Soon!! August 15 2015

We are so excited to announce that we will soon be receiving our selection of the new Naturpledd organic blankets by Røros Tweed. There are four motifs inspired by the woolen thread itself and the techniques used to make it into decorative and functional structures I.e., weaving, braiding, knotting and bailing.

The blankets contain only the sheep's natural colors excluding all dyes and additives resulting in a 100% natural product!

They will soon be available for pre-order on our website!!

Wellesley Marketplace November 25 2014

This past Saturday we participated in the Wellesley Marketplace run by the Wellesley Hills Junior Women's Club in Wellesley Massachusetts. We can truly say that it was one of the most impressively run and presented selling for charity events we have ever experienced. Since 1950, the Wellesley Hills Junior Women’s Club has received citations from the General Federation, the Sears-Roebuck foundation, the Liberty-Mutual award, and from scores of philanthropic organizations and Lufina Wovens was proud to be a part of this event.

The turnout was fantastic; some 175 vendors and over 3,000 attendees all looking to shop for the great causes supported by the WHJWC. We met some wonderful people there who showed tremendous interest in the products offered by Lufina Wovens. This certainly went a long way in our minds toward proving that the appeal of beautiful and luxurious items will always be popular. And, that warming our homes and our loved ones in it with decorative blankets and throws will alway be in fashion and appeal to all who appreciate great accents in their homes.

We made some great new friends and saw many that we have know for some time. This is an annual event that we look forward to participating in for many years to come. In addition, Lufina Wovens ran its own raffle and what a great response we got from the crowd. The drawing was completed and this week we will send the winner a beautiful Alpaca throw just in time for the winter season. 


We Have The Winner!! October 15 2014

On October 1st we drew a winning name from our bowl of entries and selected the winner of our Fall Blanket Giveaway. The lucky winner is a Florida resident who entered her name into the drawing pool only days before the final entry close date.

We wish Sarah, the winner of this beautiful alpaca blanket, many years of comfort from one of the highest quality blankets that Lufina Wovens offers. Stay warm this winter, we'll let you know of our next event scheduled for the New Year.



We're Giving Away a Blanket for Fall September 16 2014

 Our Fall 2014 blanket giveaway (#FallGiveaway) is underway. 

To celebrate our success over the last year, and to introduce more people to the wonderful collections of blankets and throws that weve assembled from five great weavers around the world, we are giving away a beautiful baby alpaca throw from our Alicia Adams collection. 

The Border throw's value is $495 and it is a uniquely styled throw that exhibits simple elegance at its best. Its dual tones are complimentary and allow for use in many environments regardless of the color palette in virtually any room in your home.


Just go to: to enter to win. We are accepting entries until September 30th and plan to announce the winner on October 1st. It's a great opportunity for our fans and others to experience the feel and comfort of a blanket woven from the softest baby alpaca wool. We wish you luck and hope to see you back soon and often.


Alpacas Come in Two Varieties July 03 2014

It's a fact that 90% of the fabrics and products made from alpaca fleece are from the more common Huacaya variety. Basically, a short fleeced alpaca, the Huacaya produces wavy, highly crimped fleece that closely resembles wool. The Huacaya represents 90% of the world's alpaca population while the less common Suri alpaca makes up the balance. Its fleece is long, straight, silky, extremely lustrous and ideal for making long-pile fabrics.


The Huacaya and Suri alpacas produce fiber that is as soft as cashmere while being warmer, lighter and stronger than wool. Alpaca fiber comes in more colors than any other fiber producing animal, 22 colors are recognized by the textile industry, and there are many blends in addition to that. Alpacas are shorn for their wonderful fleece each year. Each annual shearing produces an average yield of 5 pounds of fleece. The fleece, and fiber that is spun from it, is then turned into the most luxurious garments, blankets and other home decor items in the world. This cashmere-like fleece, once reserved for Incan royalty, is now enjoyed by spinners and weavers around the world.

Alpacas trace their origin back to South America where they are primarily found in Peru, Bolivia and Chile. However due to their incredible environmental adaptability alpaca breeding ranches are found thriving around the world. In their homeland, one can find them roaming at elevations of up to 15,000 feet. Temperature variations of up to 30 degrees in a day are simply no problem for them. They feed on pasture grass and their "padded" hooves are very gentle on their surroundings.

Our thanks goes out to the Alpaca Farm Gruettner in Germany and Island Alpaca in the USA for the use of much of the information and photos we are sharing with you here. We also had the opportunity to visit Island Alpaca to witness the personalities and gentleness of these wonderful animals.

We, at Lufina Wovens, are proud to have many blankets, throws and pillows for sale on our site that are made from the beautiful and luxurious fibers these creatures produce. Visit our site at: to see the great items being offered there.

Always Loving, Always Learning June 12 2014

At Lufina Wovens we're always looking to find out more about the animals whose wool is used in the products we offer on our website ( This week we took a trip to Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts to visit Island Alpaca, an alpaca-breeding farm that has been operating for many years at this great location.  Its gracious owner, Barbara Ronchetti, gave us a great deal of insight on how these animals are bred, fed and raised on her farm. Facts about the fleece that these animals produce and the animals themselves, many that we knew and others that we didn't, are just amazing.

For example, the younger an animal is when shorn, the softer the wool produced from their fleece. For this reason, the best and softest blankets, throws, pillows and clothing are woven from wool yarn created and harvested from young baby alpacas.

After our owner, Luanne, fell in love with one of the 70 alpacas in this herd, as you can see below, we got insight into many facts about these animals’ behavior and how they are raised. There will be more information shared over the next couple of weeks as we plan to cover a number of alpaca information categories but for now we’d like to share a few terrific photos of one beautiful spot and a great looking herd of Huacayo alpacas.

The herd at Island Alpaca was beautiful, Luanne could not get enough of their outgoing personalities.


Huacayo alpaca wool as shorn comes in 22 certified colors, but white is rare. 

A beautiful ranch on a beautiful island - Martha's Vineyard.

With just a lower set of teeth alpacas chew like a cow. They are adorable!


        Alpaca, Wool Blankets & Winter, Perfect Together January 05 2014


        We live in the Northeast outside of Boston and both last year and this we have experienced cold temperatures, large amounts of snow and great warmth from using our wool blankets in our living room and bedroom for warmth. Alpaca wool blankets are particularly luxurious and comforting on those cold winter nights.

        Alpaca wool serves as a natural thermostat by using its microscopic air pockets to trap body heat in cooler temperatures and to release heat in warmer weather. With its durable, hollow core that traps little pockets of air, Alpaca produces softer, silk-like strands that act as insulators against both cold and heat. These air pockets also allow for the fabric’s breathability, keeping you cool even during the summer. 

        So, even though this wool's benefits are experienced year round, we appreciate its warming benefit the most this time of year. We see our customers using them, giving them as gifts and introducing new borns into the world with wool blankets that keep them as warm and comfortable as any fabric we know of. And, best of all Alpaca wool will not irritate the skin in any way and is a very "green" product that is naturally renewable. Where can you get all than and beauty as well. Visit our site and see the great style that our wool blankets can bring to your home and family.

        Our Arv Wool Blanket Chosen for InStyle Magazine's Holiday Gift Guide November 17 2013


        I was thinking today, as Mike and I photographed the cover of this year's holiday issue of InStyle magazine, in which our Arv blanket by Røros Tweed is prominently mentioned in their 2013 Holiday Gift Guide (page 396), how blessed we are to be starting a new venture together. Let's face it, we aren't kids anymore. We both have had long and successful careers in other industries, totally unrelated to what we are doing now. But alas, the world has changed.  Long gone are the days when one graciously waltzed into a blissful retirement at age 65 with a gold watch in your pocket and a pretty pink drink complete with an umbrella in it, in one hand. The economy forced us to rethink this chapter in our lives. Rather than sitting around reading books, puttering in the garden and resting on our laurels, we have been forced to throw ourselves head first into a new venture, in a totally new world complete with a new language. 

        When Mike and I started our careers years ago, there were no computers, no cell phones, no Internet, certainly no Facebook, Twitter, Amazon or Ebay. Doing business with someone generally required setting a date weeks in advance, jumping in a plane, flying to a distant location, making Xerox copies, driving to their office, handwriting notes, doing the entire trip home in reverse and mailing whatever agreement you made by US Mail with a follow up conference call. Now all of that happens instantly within minutes of someone even thinking about a colleague or business associate. There are so many new ways to communicate efficiently and instantly.  It is breathtaking and overwhelming at times for people of our generation. But how lucky we are to be in this new world. It keeps us relevant. It forces us to continually learn new things, experience wonder and joy in a way that probably would not be possible if we had settled into a more traditional retirement. Sure, occasionally we wish we could stay in bed a bit longer or just jump in the car for a long drive but all things considered we are blessed to be starting this new, challenging and invigorating new challenge. So at this time of year, when we reflect on what we are grateful for, among many other personal things, we are grateful for he opportunity to bring you some of the most beautifully made and simply luxurious blankets, pillows and throws, that hopefully you will share with your loved ones.

        We wish you and your family the happiest, and coziest Thanksgiving!

        Luanne and Mike

        A Good Cause Fund Raiser October 16 2013

        You'll find the details of our event on November 6th below for your review. If you're in the area, please come by. But if you are not local to this event you can make purchases on our website, enter MEANS13 at checkout and your sale will be credited to the money we raise to calculate our donation to this great effort by Dr. Means. Thank you.

        The Art of Gift Giving October 09 2013

        I LOVE giving gifts! For me, it is one of life’s greatest pleasures.  There is so much joy in selecting and giving the perfect gift. It is a wonderful feeling to wait and watch when a gift is opened and the recipient looks with wonder in their eyes with the acknowledgement that you really appreciate them for who they are. It’s a tremendous sense of satisfaction…. sort of a quiet rush…for the giver.

        Gift giving is a combination of an art, a challenge, and a game of sorts for me, but most importantly, a source of great joy all tied up with a bow in one simple package…pun intended. I love giving gifts so much that I actually owned and operated a gift shop for several years in New Jersey. It was the happiest time of my professional life. Every day I had the chance to help my customers choose the perfect gift for someone special in their life.  The occasions varied, as much as the giver; weddings, engagements, birthdays, graduations, new homes, new jobs, bar and bat mitzvahs, Communions, Confirmations, showers, a job well done, a thanks for being there, end of the school year, a get well, a thinking about you, even divorce. There is always a reason to celebrate, to encourage, to express love and affection, and therefore a need to give a gift.  It doesn’t matter how big or small, it truly is the thought that counts.

        Gifts don’t have to be expensive.  The best gifts are thoughtful ones, unique ones #uniquegifts, the ones where the giver actually takes the time to think about the recipient and the occasion. Many people are intimidated by gift giving, so they fall back on the uninspired gift card. I’m not sure why.  It only takes a little thought, and a little planning.

        So here are some basic questions to get you started on choosing the right gift.

        What is the occasion?

        What are some of the recipient’s interests?

        What is your budget? Is this for a couple or an individual?

        Does it have to be mailed or shipped?

        What is your relationship to the recipient? Is this a close family or friend or more of an acquaintance? Personal or Business?

        By taking a few moments to just think about whom the gift #gift is for and what the occasion is, you are bound to come up with something special.  Here is a story that just happened in our family this past week.  It was my 30-year-old stepson’s birthday.  My daughter bought him 2 jigsaw puzzles. Sounds a little lame right?  But here is the back-story. The family had just returned from a long weekend seeing the foliage in Vermont. While just hanging out in the cabin, they found a puzzle and stayed awake all night on a puzzle-making marathon. Great simple fun and special memories were made.  My daughter’s simple, but thoughtful gift of 2 puzzles, created an opportunity to keep that enjoyment going. Just talking about it at the dinner table made everyone smile. Now isn’t that what its all about. Go ahead and find a reason to give a gift.  It’s good for the soul…yours! 

        Beautifully Made. Simply Luxurious. September 10 2013

        It's here...Fall in New England is settling upon us. The air is turning crisp. The apples are ready for picking. The leaves are just beginning to show hints of color at their edges. Soups and stews are simmering on stove tops. Kids have headed back to school and the excitement and beauty of a new season breathes fresh life into us. I feel so blessed to live in a place where the seasons change. I feel renewed and reinvigorated with every seasonal change. So how appropriate is it that with the birth of this new season, that we launch, with much excitement, our new online shoppe ...Lufina Wovens.

        Lufina Wovens was an idea born from our passion for all things beautifully made and simply luxurious.

        We were given a gift of a Røros Tweed blanket for our wedding a few years ago. Frankly, we were not familiar with Røros Tweed at the time, so of course, we did a little research. What we discovered was a Norwegian company rich in tradition and history that has been weaving high quality wool products since 1940, building on local tradition that dates back for centuries. We were in love. Not just with each other, but with the blanket, and the idea of these gorgeous handmade textiles and the craftsmanship that is uniquely part of each one.

        That one lovely gift sparked an idea to seek out similarly crafted and beautifully made blankets, pillows and throws and make them available in one elegant and lovely shoppe...hence Lufina Wovens. 

        We will continue to seek out, the finest home textiles and share them you as we discover them. In the meantime we hope you love our collection as much as we do. Happy shopping!