Alpaca, Wool Blankets & Winter, Perfect Together January 05 2014


We live in the Northeast outside of Boston and both last year and this we have experienced cold temperatures, large amounts of snow and great warmth from using our wool blankets in our living room and bedroom for warmth. Alpaca wool blankets are particularly luxurious and comforting on those cold winter nights.

Alpaca wool serves as a natural thermostat by using its microscopic air pockets to trap body heat in cooler temperatures and to release heat in warmer weather. With its durable, hollow core that traps little pockets of air, Alpaca produces softer, silk-like strands that act as insulators against both cold and heat. These air pockets also allow for the fabric’s breathability, keeping you cool even during the summer. 

So, even though this wool's benefits are experienced year round, we appreciate its warming benefit the most this time of year. We see our customers using them, giving them as gifts and introducing new borns into the world with wool blankets that keep them as warm and comfortable as any fabric we know of. And, best of all Alpaca wool will not irritate the skin in any way and is a very "green" product that is naturally renewable. Where can you get all than and beauty as well. Visit our site and see the great style that our wool blankets can bring to your home and family.