Always Loving, Always Learning June 12 2014

At Lufina Wovens we're always looking to find out more about the animals whose wool is used in the products we offer on our website ( This week we took a trip to Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts to visit Island Alpaca, an alpaca-breeding farm that has been operating for many years at this great location.  Its gracious owner, Barbara Ronchetti, gave us a great deal of insight on how these animals are bred, fed and raised on her farm. Facts about the fleece that these animals produce and the animals themselves, many that we knew and others that we didn't, are just amazing.

For example, the younger an animal is when shorn, the softer the wool produced from their fleece. For this reason, the best and softest blankets, throws, pillows and clothing are woven from wool yarn created and harvested from young baby alpacas.

After our owner, Luanne, fell in love with one of the 70 alpacas in this herd, as you can see below, we got insight into many facts about these animals’ behavior and how they are raised. There will be more information shared over the next couple of weeks as we plan to cover a number of alpaca information categories but for now we’d like to share a few terrific photos of one beautiful spot and a great looking herd of Huacayo alpacas.

The herd at Island Alpaca was beautiful, Luanne could not get enough of their outgoing personalities.


Huacayo alpaca wool as shorn comes in 22 certified colors, but white is rare. 

A beautiful ranch on a beautiful island - Martha's Vineyard.

With just a lower set of teeth alpacas chew like a cow. They are adorable!