New Arrivals In Time For Fall! September 01 2015

We are happy to announce that Røros Tweed's new Naturpledd line of blankets have arrived and are ready for sale. Visit the Naturpledd page on Lufina Wovens' site and see them all. 

The four designs are unique as they are reversible with pattern colors that are opposite to that on the other side. When draped to allow the viewing of both side at once, these blankets are true attention getter. The designs are inspired by everyday yarn states that we all know. Again, as natural as watching a weave being done or a ball of yarn being constructed from loose material to that being readied for the loom.

Check these out and know that you are doing your part, along with Røros Tweed in protecting the environment for the sheep that produce this beautiful wool to the future generations that will follow. And, you'll also know that, no matter what, you will be warm this winter.