Our Arv Wool Blanket Chosen for InStyle Magazine's Holiday Gift Guide November 17 2013


I was thinking today, as Mike and I photographed the cover of this year's holiday issue of InStyle magazine, in which our Arv blanket by Røros Tweed is prominently mentioned in their 2013 Holiday Gift Guide (page 396), how blessed we are to be starting a new venture together. Let's face it, we aren't kids anymore. We both have had long and successful careers in other industries, totally unrelated to what we are doing now. But alas, the world has changed.  Long gone are the days when one graciously waltzed into a blissful retirement at age 65 with a gold watch in your pocket and a pretty pink drink complete with an umbrella in it, in one hand. The economy forced us to rethink this chapter in our lives. Rather than sitting around reading books, puttering in the garden and resting on our laurels, we have been forced to throw ourselves head first into a new venture, in a totally new world complete with a new language. 

When Mike and I started our careers years ago, there were no computers, no cell phones, no Internet, certainly no Facebook, Twitter, Amazon or Ebay. Doing business with someone generally required setting a date weeks in advance, jumping in a plane, flying to a distant location, making Xerox copies, driving to their office, handwriting notes, doing the entire trip home in reverse and mailing whatever agreement you made by US Mail with a follow up conference call. Now all of that happens instantly within minutes of someone even thinking about a colleague or business associate. There are so many new ways to communicate efficiently and instantly.  It is breathtaking and overwhelming at times for people of our generation. But how lucky we are to be in this new world. It keeps us relevant. It forces us to continually learn new things, experience wonder and joy in a way that probably would not be possible if we had settled into a more traditional retirement. Sure, occasionally we wish we could stay in bed a bit longer or just jump in the car for a long drive but all things considered we are blessed to be starting this new, challenging and invigorating new challenge. So at this time of year, when we reflect on what we are grateful for, among many other personal things, we are grateful for he opportunity to bring you some of the most beautifully made and simply luxurious blankets, pillows and throws, that hopefully you will share with your loved ones.

We wish you and your family the happiest, and coziest Thanksgiving!

Luanne and Mike