Naturpledd by Røros Tweed


Gorgeous & Ecologically Friendly, Today's Perfect Combination for Today's Home

Røros Tweed has come up with an enviromental winner in style. The Naturpledd line is friendly to the environment while being a totally renewable resource. Let's explain ...

In Norway sheep graze on clean, fresh mountain pastures.

The cold Scandinavian climate prevents unwanted bacteria, parasites and other impurities from breeding on the sheep, and thereby eliminates the need for extensive use of chemicals in the cleansing process.

All animals adapt to their natural habitat. The combination of careful breeding through generations and climatic conditions has resulted in a coarse, bulky wool with a high degree of resilience that we have found to provide the ideal balance between comfort and functionality.

Norwegian wool has been verified by the Environmental Protection Encouragement Agency (EPEA) on Cradle to Cradle criteria including energy use, chemical safety, resource use and animal welfare, and is certified according to the standards of the Nordic and European Eco Label.

The motifs are inspired by the woolen thread itself and the different techniques that can form it into decorative and functional structures: weaving, braiding, knotting and balling. The Naturpledd series contains only the sheep ́s natural colors – excluding all dyestuffs and additives – resulting in a 100 % natural product. dare we claim to have presented the world ́s most environment-friendly product?

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