Icelandic Lambswool Blankets & Unique Pillows

Scintilla was founded in 2009 by Icelandic fashion and textile designer Linda Björg Árnadóttir. Scintilla’s designs are built on the Scandinavian design tradition and influenced by the extreme nature of Iceland. Icelandic wool is hardy and raised for optimum ability to be woven into the fine blankets offered here by Lufina Wovens.

Scintilla creates quality home textiles with a modern approach. Scintilla’s aesthetics are contemporary and the design concept is progressive graphics with unique color palettes. 

The company’s offices are based in Iceland and all products are manufactured in Europe. The Scintilla team consists of enthusiastic professionals, with many years of experience in their respective fields, who are passionate about creating a new vision with a different approach.

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