Cable Alpaca Gloves by Shupaca


Don’t you just love your cable knit sweaters? Classic yet trendy, chunky yet chic, the cable knit sweater is stylish in an all-American way and fun to reinvent when we pair them with our not-as-oversized garments. Imagine your sweaters in miniature form, small enough to snuggly fit your hands. Get your sweater treatment with a pair of Cable alpaca gloves. With the same ribbed trim like your sweaters, these gloves make modish cover-ups, just for your hands this time. The two-button accent gives it a preppy touch too. Select from colors such as gray, black, white and blue. It’s coolest feature? It’s made from alpaca –warm, soft, lightweight and hypo-allergenic –it’s sensible style at its finest.

Size: One Size

Fabric: 100% Baby Alpaca

Order the Cable Hat & Glove Set - Save $10

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