Framtid Kids Fairytale Norwegian Wool Blanket by Røros Tweed

$125.00 $150.00

The Framtid is a blanket prized by kids in Norway for many years. The designers knew just what would appeal to a child's imagination and they created a design that will last throughout the years to come. Norwegian wool is used resulting in an unsurpassed softness that anyone can appreciate. The warmth delivered from the Framtid will keep children around the world comfortable in the coldest of climates. Get one for a child you love and they will enjoy their "blanky" well into their teenage years and beyond with families of their own.

Pattern: Fairytale Pattern
Color: Multi
Fabric: 100% Norwegian Wool
Size (Approx): 51" W x 43" L (135 x 110 cm)
Country of Origin: Norway
Wool Facts: Click Here
Røros Tweed Information: Click Here

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