Patch Alpaca Scarves by Shupaca


Perfect for denim lovers. Light wash, dark wash or faded, the Indigo alpaca scarf is the perfect accessory for days when you’re feeling blue (in a fashionable sense). The scarf will look amazing over white, recreating the classic tee and jeans combo. No matter how casual, you’ll still feel toasty thanks to alpaca. Warmer than wool and incredibly soft, alpaca is lightweight and durable too.

Pop, fizz, clink. It’s party time! Whether there really is an occasion or not, celebrate life in style with a Champagne alpaca scarf. With a rainbow of bubbly colors, the scarf makes a fabulous fashion statement. Alpaca deserves a toast too. One of the world’s most valuable natural fibers, alpaca is eco-friendly, hypo-allergenic, plus incredibly warm and soft. Cheers!

A shade of blue that’s super cool to the eye, the Peacock alpaca scarf will make any of your cold weather outfits, dazzle. Wear it against white, black or even a sunny yellow, you’ll look like a gem in this stunning hue. And no need to feel blue during super cold weather. Because the scarf is made from alpaca, you get to enjoy its amazing softness and warmth.

If life really is a cabaret, you might as well wear it too. Be the life of the party wearing a Cabaret alpaca scarf. Sporting a myriad of colors with a predominantly purple color, the scarf will definitely make any outfit pop. Another reason to celebrate would be the alpaca in it. Warmer than wool and softer than cashmere, alpaca is lightweight and durable too.

Size: 11" x 78"

Fabric: 80% Alpaca with 20% Acrylic

Caring for Your Alpaca Scarf:

Wash in cool water. Air dry or machine dry on a low setting for 10 minutes for maximum flufiness. 
Always a recommended option. 
Brush using a light bristle brush in the direction of the alpaca fiber. Iron on low in same direction.

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